Bylaws, Rules & Regs

RVLA adopted the CDLA Rules and Regulations in 2018.

Rocky View Lacrosse Association  

PO Box 10583  

Airdrie, Alberta T4A 0H8  

Constitution and By-Laws of The Rocky View Lacrosse Association
(ln accordance with the Alberta Societies Act and a Special Resolution of the Members of the Rocky View Lacrosse Association, dated XXXX, the By-Laws of the Association were rescinded/replaced in their entirety and replaced as hereinafter provided.)

1.0 General

1 .1 The name of the Organization is the Rocky View Lacrosse Association (hereinafter referred to as RVLA).

2.0 Obiectives

2.1 To promote and develop lacrosse throughout the designated Rocky View district of the Calgary area.

2.2 To play an active role in the preparation and implementation of leadership, education, training, communication, supervision and development of programs;

2.3 To promote good fellowship among its members and representatives, and to aid and assist in the betterment of lacrosse;

2.4 To promote equitable opportunities for players, regardless of gender, race, age or ability, to participate and achieve their personal best in lacrosse throughout the Rocky View area, the City of Calgary and vicinity;

2.5 To act as the liaison for its members on any issues concerning the sport of lacrosse in the Rocky View area, the City of Calgary, in the province of Alberta or elsewhere in Canada,

2.6 To promote uniform interpretation and administration of the rules of lacrosse.

2.7 To educate members on the history of the game.

3.0 Membership

3.1 A member shall be any player, parent or guardian registered with the RVLA. The membership fee shall be the registration fee for a lacrosse player, such fee being determined by the Executive Committee before each new lacrosse year.

3.2 Membership shall imply acceptance of the RVLA Constitution and By-Laws as well as the Calgary and District Lacrosse Association (CDLA) Constitution and By-Laws.

3.3 Persons under the age of 18 years may be appointed to any office therein and shall be liable for the payment of subscriptions as if they were of the full age of majority.

3.4 Affiliate members are any non-player or non-parent, coach, manager or other official, officially registered with the RVLA and who are willing to support the promotion and development of lacrosse in the Rocky View area, the City of Calgary, in Alberta or elsewhere in Canada.

3.5 A member shall be deemed to be in good standing when:

3.5.1 They have paid their annual membership fee and any other dues or fees payable; and

3.5.2 They abide by and comply with these By-Laws; and

3.5.3 They abide by and comply with the (Canadian Lacrosse Association) CLA, CDLA and Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA) By-Laws; and

3.5.4 They observe faithfully the rules and regulations made from time to time by the Executive Committee.

3.6 The Board of the RVLA may make rules and from time to time amend such rules for the maintenance or continuation of membership on an inactive basis.

4.0 Executive Committee

4.1 The Executive Committee is comprised of;

4.1.1 the elected Board of Directors (voting status)

4.1.2 a Past President, if he or she is appointed by the Board annually (non-voting status)

4.1.3 the Executive Director (non-voting status)

4.1.4 RVLA major teams Representatives (non-voting status)

4.2 The Elected Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of the following:

4.2.1 President, duties; supervises the affairs of the Club and executive, chairs all meetings of the club, represents club at all CDLA & ALA meetings, and speaks on behalf of the club unless otherwise designated. (term, 2 years even)

4.2.2 Vice-President Duties; Chair's meetings in absence of President, represents the president at various functions when asked to do so by the president. (term, 2 years odd)

4.2.3 Treasurer, duties; Makes sure that all monies paid to the club are deposited in the clubs' bank account, prepares detailed accounts of revenues and expenditures, prepares financial statement for the annual report and month statements, (term, 2 years even)

4.2.4 Director of Coaching Development, duties; Responsible for Coaching selection, monitoring coaches training certifications and future requirements, (term, 2 years odd)

4.2.5 (2) Directors of Evaluations, duties; Responsible for player evaluations, data entry at each session, puts forth written promotion
or drops lists, final team placements of players for review by evaluation committee (term, 2 years, 1 odd & 1 even)

4.2.6 (4-6) Directors of Divisions, duties; attend division evaluations, all division correspondence, point of contact for parents from their division, (term, 1 year)

4.2.7 Director of Discipline, duties; Responsible for all club discipline, sits on CDLA discipline committee, (term, 2 years odd)

4.2.8 Director of Fund Raising, duties; oversees fund raising activities, contact person for sponsors interesting in supporting the club, (term, 2 years even)

4.3 Hereinafter the elected members of the Executive Committee will be referred to as the "Board".

4.4 The RVLA shall be governed and represented by its Executive. All members of the Executive shall be members in good standing.

4.5 A resignation in the Executive Committee or a vacancy after the AGM may be filled by an appointment by the Executive Committee and shall serve for the remaining term of the member.

5.0 Obliqations and Powers of the Board and Executive

5.1 The Boards Obligations and Powers are;

5.1.1 to be accountable to the Members of RVLA,

5.1.2 establish, implement and monitor policies relative to the business and management of the RVLA,

5.1.3 regularly review finances of the RVLA, and

5.1.4 establish and support independent and impartial processes to deal with protests and appeals and all cases of discipline under RVLA jurisdiction.

5.2 The Board is a governance board and as such, for the purposes of (5.1) it is responsible for;

5.2.1 establishing the strategic direction for the RVLA,

5.2.2 establishing and evaluating policies, programs and budgets for the RVLA,

5.2.3 reviewing the operation of the RVLA, including the financial operations of the RVLA,

5.2.4 establish committees and sub-committees including, but not limited to discipline, audit, governance, bylaw, awards/recognition

5.2.5 ensuring that the powers and duties of the RVLA are being effectively performed through the Executive Director, and

5.2.6 hiring of the monitoring the performance of the Executive Director in accordance with established policies and procedures of the Board.

5.3 The Past President provides advice and leadership to the Board regarding past practices and other matters to assist the Board in governing the Association.

5.4 The Executive Director is the administrative head of the RVLA and is responsible for;

5.4.1 managing the RVLA in accordance with the policies, programs and budgets established by the Board,

5.4.2 keeps accurate meeting minutes, notifies members of meetings and responsible for assigned club correspondence, maintains the RVLA website & registration systems, schedule all pre-season floor times as requested by Board, maintains club equipment, responsible for disbursement and collection of equipment and jerseys to teams each season.

5.4.3 reporting to the Board through the President and when required by the Board, directly to the Board,

5.4.4 hiring RVLA staff and consultants, subject to the policies, programs and budget established by the Board and subject to any specific limitations imposed by resolution of the Board; and

5.4.5 Performing any other duty assigned to him by resolution of the Board.

5.4.6 Executive Director is a paid position, with the board. Bids will be accepted prior to each AGM, and upon review by the board will contact and negotiate a contract with the successful applicant.

5.5 RVLA Major teams representatives (RMLL teams)

5.5.1 Each major team can nominate a representative to attend RVLA regular meetings.

6.0 Meetinqs of the RVLA

6.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

6.1.1 The RVLA holds its Annual General Meeting no later than November 30th of each calendar year at such time and place in the Province of Alberta as the executive shall determine,

6.1.2 The RVLA must give twenty-one (21) days' notice of the Annual General Meeting,

6.1.3 Quorum for AGM - Attendance of at least fifty percent (50%) of the Executive committee and any number of general members.

6.1.4 each member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote and each Member in good standing of the RVLA shall have one vote.

6.2 The Agenda for the AGM shall be set as follows:

6.2.1 Adopting agenda

6.2.2 Adopting the minutes of the last AGM

6.2.3 Executive Committee Reports

6.2.4 Financial Reports review of the financial statements, that include but not limited to income, assets and liabilities

6.2.5 Auditors report (as required)

6.2.6 Appointing of an Auditor (if required)

6.2.7 Electing members of the Board (if required)

6.2.8 Consider matters specific in the meeting notices

6.2.9 Adjournment

6.3 Election of the Board

6.3.1 The President shall manage and oversee the elections

6.3.2 Only RVLA members in good standing shall have the right to vote

6.3.3 Nominations by an RVLA Member may be made oral and shall be seconded by at least one other RVLA Member

6.3.4 Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot or by show of hands, and the nominee polling the highest number of votes, being elevated. ln case of a tie, a new ballot shall be taken between the Nominees that are tied.

6.3.5 To be nominated for President and or Vice President, a member must have served in an elected position on the executive committee in the preceding two years, unless no member of the executive committee is prepared to stand for the positions.

6.3.6 The duties of the Board shall commence upon their election

6.4 Executive Committee Meetings

6.4.1 A calendar of all executive committee meetings of the RVLA shall be provided to all members

6.4.2 The Executive Committee shall meet, as required after each AGM until the conclusion of the next lacrosse season, a planning meeting for the next season shall be held prior to the next AGM. Meeting dates and times may be determined by the President, or as agreed on by the board

6.4.3 The presence of 50% or more of the board shall constitute a quorum at any Executive Committee meeting. Quorum must be in place within '15 minutes of scheduled meeting time, if quorum is not meet then the meeting shall stand adjourned.

6.4.4 At Executive Committee meetings, each member of the Board shall have one vote. In the event of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote.

6.4.5 Voting shall be done by show of hands, however as required votes may be cast by the Board via email

6.4.6 Executive Committee members, may not miss more than 2 consecutive meeting unless the majority of the board agrees to excuse them.

6.4.7 Any member of the Executive Committee may call a meeting of the Executive Committee to deal with emergency business and the Executive Director shall issue proper notice to the members of the Executive Committee

7.0 Restriction of Plavers

7.1 No player may play or participate in box lacrosse outside the jurisdiction of the RVLA without first securing permission from the RVLA.

8.0 Discipline. Suspension or withdrawal of Members

8.1 Disciplined or suspended members have the right of appeal to a committee appointed by the Board

8.2 Any member RVLA may withdraw from the RVLA at any time by sending written notice of his/her withdrawal to the Executive Director

8.3 Any member who is deemed not in good standing may have their membership suspended and, upon a majority vote of the Executive Committee, withdrawn.

9.0 Siqninq Officers

9.1 Except as herein otherwise provided, all documents, including deeds, transfers, licenses, contracts and engagements, requiring execution on behalf of the RVLA shall be counter-signed by either the President, or Vice President, and Treasurer or in their absence other members of the board may be appointed by resolution.

10.0 Audit and Financial

10.1 The books shall be audited at least once each year by two members of the executive committee or member in good standing along with the treasurer, complete and proper financial statements shall be submitted by such auditors.

10.2 The club's fiscal year end is August 31st.

10.3 All the financial books, accounts and records of the RVLA may be inspected by any Member at the AGM or at any time upon giving reasonable notice and arranging a time and place satisfactory to the Board. Each Director shall at all times have access to such books and records.

11.0 Board Expenses

11.1 Members of the executive committee shall receive no renumerations for the time served on the executive committee excluding expenses as follows:

11.2 Expenses shall be drawn from general revenue and the association shall cover the expenses of those board members attending the ALA AGM in representation of RVLA, those expenses shall be:

1. Travel-$O.5O per kilometer

2. Beverages and meals-up to $50.00 per person per day (no alcohol)

3. Actual accommodations providing those accommodations are the official accommodations of the ALA

11.3 To be reimbursed for expenses incurred, the attendee must provide the treasurer with actual receipts or photocopies of such.

11.4 Expenses not included in the above would have to be authorized by a majority vote of the Board.

12.0 Special Resolution

12.1 Neither the Constitution nor By-Laws of the RVLA shall be altered or added to except by Special Resolution of the members of the RVLA.

12.2 These By-Laws may be amended by a Special Resolution at any Annual General Meeting by the affirmative vote of not less than seventy-five (75%) percent of those Members, if entitled to do so, who vote in person, and such Special Resolution shall become valid upon the approval of and registration by Alberta Registries, Corporate Registry. Notice of all proposed amendments to these By-Laws shall be signed by two (2) members of the Board of Directors if the amendment is proposed by the Board of Directors or by two (2) Members in good standing if proposed by the Members. The proposed amendments must be received by the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR forty-five (45) days in advance of the Annual General Meeting and shall be included in the notice of the Annual General Meeting, of which not less than twenty-one (21) days'notice specifying the intention to propose the Special Resolution has been duly given, otherwise the said meeting shall have no power to deal with the same.

Dated at the City of Airdrie in the Province of Alberta, this the 5th of November, 2019.

WITNESS NAME    Keith Berg
WITNESS NAME    Martin Burnsed

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